Family Law in San Antonio, TX

Family Law in San Antonio, TXFamily matters can be very emotional, especially in cases of death and divorce. It is important not to let your emotions get the best of you when making decisions regarding loss or separation. Be sure to speak with us at our San Antonio attorney office before making any decisions regarding the splitting of assets or childcare. We will do all that is legally possible to ensure everything is handled in a way that reduces stress amongst all parties involved. Virgen & Virgen has an extensive history of representation in family law cases, which makes us a top choice for all different types of legal family matters.

Divorce Lawyer

If you're facing a divorce we encourage you to speak with our attorney team. We can oversee your case to ensure you receive any and all assets that you're entitled too. There are many particulars surrounding divorce that can be difficult to understand. We will work one on one with you throughout the process to ease the pain of the matter and to make sure that you're not denied ownership of anything you deserve.

Child Support & Custody

Cases involving children can be extremely delicate. At Virgen & Virgen we will advocate for your rights as a parent to ensure that you have meaningful custody and are responsible for fair child support payments. If you are going through a divorce or feel your current child support situation is unfair do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Wills Probate

Following the death of a relative it is important to hire qualified legal representation. As your probate attorney we will work with the family to execute the will and distribute any assets of the deceased. Our services include probating of wills and heirship proceedings.

  • Probating of Wills - This process includes proving a deceased person's will is valid, identifying and inventorying the deceased's property, having it appraised and distributing assets after any debts and taxes are paid.
  • Heirship Proceedings - If a person does not have a will heirship proceedings will need to take place in order to determine who the proper heir of the deceased's existing assets is.

Real Estate Law

We can assist in any deed issues for homes, property and other real estate. This includes the transfer, sale, acquisition or inheritance of a property.

Virgen & Virgen Attorneys at Law is on your side. As your family lawyer in San Antonio you can rest easy knowing that your case is in the hands of highly experienced professional attorneys. Give our team a call at (210) 737-6999 to schedule an initial consultation at our San Antonio law office.



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